We have been working with surrogate motherhood programs for more than ten years. We had hundreds of clients who signed contracts with us and are currently raising their children, who were born by the surrogate mothers we found.

Many clients who have become our parents with our help come to us for the second time, and even more of them are recommended by our Agency to their friends and acquaintances. And this fact is the best evidence of the quality of the work done by us.

Modern methods of treating infertility and surrogate motherhood will allow you to become parents, who really wants it. The only acceptable and possible result of our joint work with you is the transfer by the surrogate mother of the newborn child to you, his genetic parents.

Our help to you is not an attempt, but your desire and our solution to your problem.


After you, our clients, take part in the program, and pay the amount prescribed in the contract, you will have only one basic duty to visit the clinic with which we cooperate, undergo the necessary procedures, choose a surrogate mother, on the recommendation of doctors. All other questions that can and will necessarily arise during the time of our cooperation on the surrogate motherhood program, we will take upon ourselves. Including in this list without fail full legal support.

The registration of the child, as well as the receipt of his birth certificate, in which you are recorded as his parents, applies here. 


The agency provides services in the selection of a clinic, with a huge base of surrogate mothers. From the very beginning of cooperation, you will know the price for which services are included in the contract, and what you pay in addition. The cost and terms of the contract always remain unchanged.

Our Agency is independent. This allows us to make decisions in accordance solely with the needs and interests of customers. We cooperate with clinics in different regions of Ukraine. Clinics - partners of the Agency are able to carry out the full range of services for the surrogate motherhood program in a high-quality manner.

However, we do not insist that you use the services offered by our clinics. If you have your preferences and recommendations, you have the right to choose any medical institution working in the field of IVF, pregnancy and childbirth. We are ready to cooperate with your chosen clinic. The main thing is the quality of medical services provided by this institution, as well as your wishes.