Our clients

Ekaterina (Ukraine) and David (USA). They live in Germany.

First we got married! But after several years I realized that I and David have serious intentions to have children, but for health reasons they could not conceive them by themselves, and decided to contact one of the agencies in Ukraine, where it is permitted by law.

And they did not regret the trust and the desire gave its results.

Of course, my parents did not like my idea of having a surrogate mother, but after getting acquainted with the agency that cooperates with the clinics, we were satisfied, the base is huge, there is a big choice, and the doctors recommended us to make a choice.

Over time, we saw that our surrogate mother is serious and is ready to walk responsibly from the moment of fertilization to the birth of our daughter.

And yet, I recommend based on my own experience. Surrogate motherhood gave us joy and happiness to feel like parents. And now we live happily together in Germany. I can not imagine my life without this miracle. Thanks to everyone who took part, and to the Agency a special thanks!

Alla (Ukraine) and Alfredo (France). They live in France.

I do not believe in fairy tales, but what`s happening lately is nothing other than magic!

After communicating with the administrator from the agency "Surrogate motherhood for you", we decided to sign a contract and start the program.

Despite 7 years of trying, which we had to fail without success, Alfredo and I decided not to stop, and the miracle happened!

Safe and quiet, WE SUPPORTED THE PROGRAM WITH THE AGENCY SUPPORT, and the surrogate mother was selected for health reasons and we got a pregnancy from two tries.

This is exactly what I wanted from the agency and from the clinic. Complexities did not arise, because with us there have always been professionals in their field. My husband and I are happy that we will take care of our child, as we have dreamed for many years.

I wish all women to have the joy of motherhood and I recommend that they turn to this agency.

Do not be afraid to take a step to meet your dream!

Natalia (Ukraine) and Joe (Germany). They live in Germany.

I believe that at our age children are possible! Well, thanks to the agency "Surrogate motherhood for you", of course! We are no longer young, but this does not prevent us from being happy here and now.

Surprisingly, I think I know that you will succeed, the main thing is to believe! We have twins - a boy and a girl!

Thanks to the surrogate mother, it`s not easy to endure twins. Life is Beautiful!

I do not regret that I registered with the agency two years ago on the advice of my daughter!